30th March 2020

You've probably reached this page as you have an upcoming reservation in Quay Cottage or you are thinking about making a new reservation. 

Porlock Manor Estate own the bridge at Porlock Weir along with most of the properties. They are responsible for the maintenance of the bridge. Exmoor National Park is responsible for the footpaths across Exmoor. Exmoor National Park has closed the bridge (as it forms part of the footpath to the beach) as they consider it to be unsafe. 

We are waiting for repairs to be done on the bridge before it's reopened. Porlock Manor Estate do everything at a snail's pace so we're not expecting anything to happen quickly.

The residents in Porlock Weir are continuing to use the bridge as normal, simply by stepping over the signs put there by Exmoor National Park.

If you have an upcoming reservation, please watch the video below to show the bridge and the alternative crossing, where you can walk around at low tide. 

If you're unhappy to cross at low tide or use the bridge at your own risk, we can offer you a full refund.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience but there is nothing more we can do to try and speed up the repairs.

Chris - The Best of Exmoor.